Thank you for coming!

Tantra circle for women! Photo: Beate Buchsbaum

My mission is to support all women on their journey of self-knowledge, healing, empowerment and self-realization.

You deserve to:

  • Know who you truly are,
  • Find your mission and passion,
  • Heal family relationships,
  • Reconnect with your body and emotions,
  • Learn how to deal with pain,
  • Discover how to be content with just being without the urge to do ,
  • Feel the pleasure of being alive,
  • Build healthy and balanced relationships.

If you dream of a life in Peace, doing what you love, fulfilling your dreams, in harmony, giving and receiving love…it´s possible! I will share all that helped me…

The tools come from physical education, dance therapy, therapeutic feminism, art therapy, hatha yoga, women’s circles, tantric sexuality, therapeutic writing, quantum physics , coaching and Vipassana meditation.

It is necessary go step by step …

  1. Know who you really are: be aware of your history and discover what you want in life ( goal and mission). You can start now!
  2. Free yourself from everything that doesn´t serve that and hinders you from being what you desire. Patriarchal rules are garbage.
  3. Empower yourself, take control of your life. Be clear and intuitive when making decisions. The only limit to fulfill your dreams is your own mind (because even patriarchy and capitalism can be overcome if we have confidence and act together, organized and in sorority).

For a long time I thought I could change the world without doing anything with myself, it didn’t work: I collapsed, I couldn’t help anyone, I couldn’t “change the world”. I needed to start by changing what I hated about myself.

Deciding to look inward was the best decision of my life.

I´m here to give you support in the process, an attentive and active listening without judgments or absurd advice, a space where you feel safe and comfortable to express yourself. I´m here for you.

Write to info@carlabc.com and tell me more about yourself.

Here you can find two specific proposals for work online, from hatha yoga and tantric sexuality.

If you are in Vorarlberg check Sringara Yoga classes and women´s circles.

May you live in conscious connection with everything that is: with yourself, with others, with the Earth and the Universe, in union and harmony.

Trust your intuition, you’re here for a reason.

Read more about me or check the possibilities to start working together.