Thank you for coming!

My mission is to support you in the journey of self-knowledge, healing, empowerment and self-realization through the practice of Hatha Yoga.

You are here to remember who you truly are!

If you dream of a life in Peace, doing what you love, fulfilling your dreams, in harmony, giving and receiving love…it´s possible!

For a long time I thought I could change the world without changing myself, it didn’t work. I needed to start by changing what I hated about myself.

Deciding to look inward was the best decision of my life.

If you wish to do so… I´m here to give you support in the process, write to info@carlabc.com and tell me more about yourself. Join the hatha yoga classes.

May you live in conscious connection with everything that is: with yourself, with others, with the Earth and the Universe, in union and harmony.

Trust your intuition, you’re here for a reason.

Read more about me or check the possibilities to start working together.