About me

I am a tantric yogini, Hatha Yoga teacher, Massage therapist and Physical Education teacher with more than 12 years of experience.

Trained in Therapeutic Feminism, Art and Dance therapy, Sexual Intelligence and Feminist Coaching for Women.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1986. I practised artistic gymnastics throughout my childhood and adolescence. I went to a Catholic private school and I survived: I was an Atheist for 15 years. I tried to be an English translator and a lawyer but I graduated as a Physical Education Teacher. I worked in public and private schools, sports clubs, and gyms for 7 years in my hometown.

My desire to find meaning in life led me to be a part of NGOs, and political and feminist organizations. I grew up as a person in each of them but I was tired of constantly being angry and stressed out.

I finally reached a point of no return, a huge Identity Crisis made me decide to travel the world.

I gave up all my work, packed up my bag and went on a trip without a return ticket. But I soon realized that could n`t escape from myself. I was empty and very angry. I was messing up all of my relationships, nothing was working…

I felt that, as hard as I tried, the world was not going to change. The only thing I could do was to change myself.

And that´s how my healing journey started. I decided to work actively on my inner self. The Universe was there waiting for me to dare.

I did physical theater, butoh dance, dance therapy, clown, body expression workshops and neuronal deprogramming. I research on my family tree and did psychomagia … I revealed the secret of my true affective – sexual orientation.

Feeling lighter I continued traveling…

I moved to Paris and by the time I started planning to go to travel again, my best friend announces that she was sick. We had a dream to go to India and study Yoga but instead, I bought a ticket to go to visit her in Australia.

I took the plane without having the visa, hoping that I would receive the approval during the flight…but that never happened. I was stuck in Singapore, my previous layover, with no plans at all.

I went to Malaysia and when I was there I felt that I needed to go learn Thai and tantric massage, Kundalini yoga and mantras.

I was guided to Agama Yoga, a spiritual community in Ko Phan ghan, an island in Thailand. Hallelujah!

I lived the miracle of reunion with the Divine. My friend healed and came to visit. We fulfilled our dream: we are now Yoga teachers.

Today I share everything that has helped me evolve: Hatha Yoga, Sacred Sexuality, Women Empowerment, and Massage therapy.

I am an eternal student, I just made my first Vipassana retreat! I became aware that I always had and have everything to be happy: the key is to discipline the mind so that it is an ally and not an enemy: reinforce its virtues and improve its bad habits.

I am grateful to be a facilitator for those who are willing to meet their true and higher Self.

Dare to give the first step, the Universe will send you everything you need.

I`m here for you, too.



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