Anapana Meditation by S.N.Goenka

This technique is the intro for Vipassana Meditation, which has transform my life in a wonderful way. You can learn it online for free! Please give it a try!

Ordinarily there is temporary peace when one desire is fulfilled; this lasts till it is disturbed by another desire surfacing. We attribute this short temporary peace to our obtaining that particular desired object. So we ceaselessly struggle to satisfy all sorts of desires to get these short glimpses of peace or happiness. Our whole life is nothing but a pursuit, a struggle, for this temporary happiness, and for much of the time there is no peace or happiness but unhappiness, frustration and misery. But during Vipassana meditation, it is not so; the mind is equanimous, free from craving and aversion, all the while observing these body sensations, however pleasant or unpleasant they may be. It is not disturbed, is silent and peaceful, and stays happy for a longer and longer duration.

By Dr. J. N. Nichani

May you be happy!

May all beings be happy!

You can do the 10 days retreat everywhere in the world for free ( only if you feel you can make donations!).