Balance yourself through your chakras.


One time Program!

You will learn about your complete system as well as how to control your life and turn it into the best possible version of yourself.
First, you will learn what the chakras are and you will have an overview of them all. Then, you will study each one more deeply.

You will be able to identify which chakra needs more balance and openness, and at the same time, you will have the necessary tools to practice daily and achieve harmony.

What includes?

  • Deep description of the entire system and of each chakra in particular.
  • Asanas for each chakra according to your goal.
  • Musical meditations for each chakra.
  • Personal routine especially made for you.

What benefits does it bring?

  • You will cultivate energetic clarity, personal refinement and a balanced approach to life.
  • You will know how to activate each energy centre – chakras – inside your body. You will balance your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

For whom it is?

People who:

  • Seek balance and harmony in their life.
  • Want to help heal their body and improve their overall health.
  • Aspire to know, manage and balance their emotions.
  • Would like peace of mind, reduce the chatter of the agitated mind and find silence / tranquility.
  • Are curious and like to learn and deepen about Yoga.
  • Are interested in energy and in the search or deepening of the spiritual path.
  • Are practitioners or masters of hatha yoga and seek to deepen their knowledge in Tantra Yoga.

Duration and frequency.

  • Presentation ( via email and online ): explain your situation, history and goals.
  • Four sessions explaining and presenting theory and practice in general and according to your personal case. Duration 90 minutes.
  • Specialized Session: your 20-minute program for practising every day. It is possible to make a program of one hour (or more) according to your availability and commitment.
  • Frequency: once per week for one month.


Online via Skype.

The program includes four online sessions, 7 musical pieces to meditate, pdf with general theory, pdf with your personal routine explained in detail.


197 euros via pay pal or bank transfer.