Become a Thai Body Worker

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My Thailand Teachers have authorized me to share their ancient knowledge and with their constant support, I am able to help you become a certified Bodyworker.

Beloved teachers, “Mr. Baan and Doctor Joy”..

Learning the Bodywork

The best way to learn how to do a thai bodywork is by receiving and giving it. This means that you are going to feel it in yourself and then you are going to do it to the teacher and other students.

It has a long sequence of movements in a very specific order, divided into areas: legs, arms, upper body, back, shoulders, neck and face. You will learn each area completely and then move to the next one.

Practice and more practice, always receiving and looking at the movements of the teacher and repeating them on the student or teacher. will give you confidence and feeling. After hours of practising you will know the sequence by heart.

Learning about the physical body is essential, therefore basic knowledge about anatomy will be taught to you in an interactive and visual way.

You will also receive videos of the sequence to support your practice.

To be officially certified you will need to go through evaluation from the Traditional Thai Massage Masters Mr Bundit Tongpen and Mrs Pantila Tongpen founders of ” Comfort International Thai Traditional Massage” in Pai, Thailand. More information will be given as soon as you decide to enrol.


The program is 30 hours in total, it will depend on our rhythm of life, our schedule and free time to learn and practice. Here are some suggestions, which can be easily adapted to your needs.

3 days: 6 hours every day divide in two blocks with a lunch break.

6 days: 3 hours every day.

One month: once per week, 4,30 hours per day.

Private or in Groups (maximum of 5 people).

Write to me to organize your next course to

My experience

I have been a masseuse since I remember. My father was always craving for releasing tension and my friends for loving care.

I studied books and practice with people around me. I learnt with healers while travelling until I found a place where I could become a professional.

Being a massage therapist gives me a lot of peace and nourishment, through my hands, that are an extension of my heart, I can give love and care to others.

After giving a massage I feel energetic, vibrating and totally useful. I love to see the difference between how people arrive and leave the session. Such a relaxed smiling being!