“Emotions and Menstrual Cycle ” Workshop

Base in the book “Red Moon “of Miranda Gray.

“Emotions and Menstrual Cycle ” is a Workshop that will make you regain the natural power of the female cycle. We will discover a powerful and essential knowledge for every woman.

We are cyclical. Every month, like the moon, we unconsciously transit four different and specific phases (Virgin- a sorceress- mother- witch), highlighting that we travel through energies of extroversion-light-ovulation and introversion-darkness-menstruation. Every phase different emotions!

Knowing the phases and archetypes representing each one of them will allow you to discover your wholeness. All archetypal forces inhabit within us.

Being aware of this knowledge has multiple benefits:

  • Promotes self-knowledge and self-acceptance.
  • Evidence the potential for growth and evolution.
  • Respects all the possibilities of being a woman.
  • Allows deep contact with our present moment.
  • Helps to organize and plan depending on the energies of each archetype.
  • Helps to recognize repressed emotions and blockages.
  • Collaborate in the maintenance of our inner peace, through understanding.
  • Improves the relationship with ourselves and our environment.
  • Strengthen our individuality and self-esteem.
  • Increase our creativity, and channel it towards the achievement of our purpose.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to recognize and understand the phases and archetypes of women.

You will know, in theory, and practice, each of them and how they influence our everyday life.

You will recognize in which phases/ archetypes you flow more easily and which could represent a challenge to unleash your full potential.

You will have the tools to learn about yourself during the cycle. You will discover the unconscious part that it’s dormant within. You will also be able to follow and accept your changes in energy, mood, health and sexual energy throughout the month.

We are not crazy, we are Cyclical!

Please write to info@carlabc.com to know more about! The workshop is taught privately and for groups in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg and surroundings.