Hatha Yoga for Tantric practice

The Importance of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga performs a number of very important functions for a Tantric practitioner.

The lymphatic system, the body’s cleaning channels, has no pump (unlike the blood, which is circulated by the heart), and the only way to move the cleaning fluids along is to compress and release the tissues of the body. Massage will do this for the external muscles. However, Hatha Yoga has been specifically designed to compress and release each and every corner of the body – joints, internal organs, the core muscles supporting the spine, and all the tiny balancing and rotating muscles.

Keeping the body healthy and the lymphatic system moving is essential for the process of clearing energy channels in preparation for large surges of energy during the Tantric practice. In addition, certain asana-s assist with sublimation.

On a more subtle level, asana-s usually channel energy to a specific chakra. Hatha Yoga can be used to correct imbalances in the energy system, to increase awareness of energy, and to practice focusing attention on the subtle bodies.

A Healthy Mental and Emotional Body

Develop a healthy relationship with sexuality.  Cultivate purity, authenticity, emotional maturity, self-confidence, and higher states such as love and compassion. Become aware of thoughts that undermine love, openness, and connection, and do not feed them.

Avoid projecting, blaming, and judging. Life is divine, and judging any part of it as “good” or “bad” creates separation. This diverts energy to lower states of perception and consciousness.

Cultivate the aspiration to reach the most elevated levels of perception and consciousness.

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