Hatha Yoga Meditative

The meditative program is a calm, introverted practice meant to promote the harmonizing, balancing, and appeasement of the entire being.

This program includes a smaller number of techniques, performed for a longer time relative to the length of the class. It has a slow and meditative nature.

The meditative sadhana has various beneficial effects on the different levels of the human being:

  • At the physical level, it provides a global healing effect on the entire body. This program also has a soothing effect upon the body and results in rejuvenation and regeneration of tissue. Furthermore, it promotes the shaping, firming and toning of the muscles, as well as increased flexibility and physical strength. It improves blood circulation, boots the digestive and immune systems, and supports purification.
  • At the emotional and psychological level, this program promotes relaxation and stress reduction. It develops inner calmness and patience, and allows the arising of profound balance and inner harmony. This practice induces deep introversion, develops mental concentration, and an elevated mood.
  • At the spiritual level, increases aspiration and develops interiorization and meditation throughout the asana practice. It generates sublimation of energy and induces expansion of the mind and increased perception of the subtle levels of the being.

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