Heal your family tree

Parc Monceau, Distrito VIII, París.

Alejandro Jodoroswky’s theory, # Metagenealogy, holds that the 14 people who preceded us directly influence our way of being. Do you know them?🧐

The adventure of assembling the family tree is inexplicable, one becomes Sherlock Holmes and goes through the whole family asking uncomfortable questions and dusting memories. Everyone will have their obstacles and great discoveries; The great reward is to discover many of the family programmings that we unconsciously repeat for generations.💪

The first question to ask ourselves before we start to venture into others is: “What do you want to do with your life? What is your purpose? How can I help you? What is it that you have not yet done? Where are you going? What is your ideal horizon? What three wishes would you ask of a Fairy? What would you do if you became invisible for 24 hours?👩‍🏫

What we answer points out the #prohibitions of our family tree … If I answer that I want to “enjoy”, it means that there is a prohibition of pleasure, of desire, on the tree.

The #finality is what we are, is our authentic script, incompatible many times with the script that the family imposes on us. The family tree prints a # mission and will try to fulfill it, even if it denies us being what we are.

If it costs you a lot to connect with your purpose and verbalize it, psychological trick: for seven days go to buy your favorite cake and eat it easy. Pleasure will be awakened, the creative part. Then the purpose will come. “

Reasons to find our mission:

1.-When we know what we really want, and what we want we are not achieving at the moment, suddenly we discover as if by magic that there is something that prevents us: it is “the trap of the tree”.🎆

2.-Verbalize a purpose is to start walking towards it. It is like making an order to the Universe, it is to send a message, a prayer … There you start calling the #change, when you declare your intention.🙏

 3.-Showing our purpose places us in what we are. The tree gives us a crazy mission, a false identity, a not being what we really are. When we dare to take out what we want to achieve, we begin to be happy, to be healthier, or what is the same, we begin to BE. “😁

So, what is your purpose?

“There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going.”