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Discover and integrate your Shadow🐱‍👤

“The figure of the shadow personifies everything that the subject does not recognize and what, nevertheless, again and again forces him, directly or indirectly […] The shadow is … that hidden, repressed personality, almost always of inferior and guilty value that extends its last ramifications to the realm of animal premonitions and embraces, thus, all the historical aspect of the unconscious … “Carl Gustav Jung.

In Creole, that which we do not want to see or accept from ourselves but which is there, nourishing every action, decision and thought.😒

The path of # healing involves discovering oneself, recognizing oneself, leaving the victim’s place and accepting that everything that happens to us in life is 100% our responsibility. That tendency to the negative is hidden inside us and as Carl says “one does not light up imagining figures of light, but turning the darkness conscious”.

The only way to have more clarity about our situation is to face our darkest parts; the reason to deny the shadow is that it does not agree with the conscious personality that we have (or prefer to have). For example: if we present ourselves as neat and moralistic people and in our interior, we have sexual fantasies that we consider “dirty”, we have to bury and deny them. However, they will always be there …

Know your Shadow

I met this exercise through Teal Swan on her YouTube channel.

Create a diagram with five columns, in each one you will make a list of adjectives, according to the corresponding title, of the people you repudiate. I chose one type of person at a time, for example, slobbering men.🤢
Let us begin…
Column 1– What you judge, what bothers you, what enervates you, what you condemn.
Make a list of all the characteristics of “the slobbery men”, for example unpleasant, disrespectful, violent, etc.
Column 2– How could they judge you? What would they think of you?
Ex: the slobbery men could say that I am insecure, shy, expressionless, etc. according to their point of view, obvious!
Column 3– Take the characteristics of column 1 to the limit.
Imagine the worst scenario of those people, their qualities. Ex: slobbery men could become violent, rapists, murderers, etc.
Column 4– Now repeat the previous step but with column 2.
Take to the limit, the worst scenario what they could think about you. Ex: the sluggish men could say that I am a scared, repressed, lying, Santa, etc.
Column 5– What would happen if I took a dose from column 1 and added it to my personality? How would my life change?
Ex: the sluggish men say what they think no matter what , then if I apply that attitude in my life, I would express without shame when I am attracted to someone, or I would not be afraid of being rejected (slobbery men never expect to be accepted !), or I would demonstrate and share more my sexual desires, etc.

Now, look at column 5 and underline the words that resonate with you.
And voilà! I present to you “Your Shadow”, that which you would like to do or be, that which guides your life silently, that pushes to leave but that you repress (and could make you sick!); the part of you that want to be seen but that you do not allow.

Your real resistance is in column 3. For some reason, in your personal history, you do everything possible to get away from that kind of person or behaviour, so much so that you run to the extreme of any similarity because you are afraid to look like them!🙊

We have all created a “Dominant” and a “dormant” part , its time to discover where we buried that part of us.

Analyze and make a list of all possible ways you think you suppress that “I”. In our example: I repress it when someone likes me or attracts me and I am not able to communicate it (not even with a look!) Or when I keep silent for fear of what they will say about me.
Once again, reflect …

“How could I release that repressed self? What actions would help to liberate it?”

Make the list as long as possible! Case examples:

  • Having fun with the dark side of people.
  • Expressing my feelings whenever they arise.
  • Encourage me to say “I like you” with respect and affection.
  • Write about my sexual fantasies or tell a friend.
  • Do the exercise with all the types of people you condemn, so you’ll have a much clearer and more concrete idea of ​​your Shadow.

You already know more about you! Consciously make the unconscious, allow it to be complete. Stop judging yourself, the division between “the good and the bad” is imposed from the outside, a label of society.

You are a unique person, we deserve to know you, I encourage you, give the world your true essence. ❤

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