Tantric Sexuality for Women

  • Do you want to know what you like deeply? Connect and enjoy yourself?
  • Do you want to learn how your body enjoys?
  • Are you tired of having superficial orgasms?
  • Would you like to have deep orgasms and provoke states of ecstasy “from another dimension”?
  • Are you bored of always doing the same?
  • Did you hear about rituals and want to try?
  • Are you interested in knowing yourself beyond the physical body?
  • Are you an innate explorer?
  • Do you understand that the body is sacred and that it can be a vehicle for spiritual experiences?

If you answered yes, tantra is for you!

Through a series of consultations online based on what you are looking for you will learn:

✔Techniques to explore yourself and know what you like, includes mapping your yoni, techniques to stimulate the G area and cervix (cervix). Management of the Yoni egg and therawand.

✔ Rituals of connection with yourself include basic notions of energetic polarity, transfiguration (see the Goddess in you) and simple meditations.

✔To touch yourself with awareness and to massage, also different styles of touching and caressing, you will know how to give you a relaxing and erotic body massage.

✔Techniques to achieve deep and implosive orgasms, including the famous possibility of having a female ejaculation!

✔ Complementary Hatha Yoga practice that helps you in sexual practice. How to move energy through sublimation, with uddyana bandha and asanas (postures).

✔ Sexual magic: how to manifest your desires by helping you with orgasmic energy.

✔Introduction to the science of control over male ejaculation to achieve the duration you want (optional).

Stop feeling empty after sex, enough to not know what or how to do it.

The door to change your life is half open, you have to decide to enter.

When you have incredible orgasms (alone or accompanied), when you connect with who you want in a transforming way you will feel radiant and it will be noticed!

Go ahead and change your life, when you enjoy yourself, everything changes.


Face-to-face or remote vía skype.

First Session 3 hours. Theory and exercises for practice.

Following sessions. Update and tracing. 3 hours.


First session: 189 euros. Next sessions: 169 euros. Discounts and scholarships available. Includes a video tutorial of how to do an erotic massage, audios, documentaries and bibliography.

Write to info@carlabc.com or via social media.

Your query is super welcome!