Three Questions Game

A great and simple game. Only three questions that will help you to know or discover you. Ideal also to play with new friends or potential lovers.

The game is very easy, although if you cheat loses all the fun, so follow the rules:

Answer the three questions before seeing what follows. I mean it! 🙂

Do it WRITTEN, yes otherwise, you will forget

1- What is your favorite color? Why?
The answer should be broad, explain why you like that colour, what provokes you, what you feel when you see it, as many adjectives as possible that describe that colour.

My favourite colour is yellow, when I see it I feel happy, I see it calm, it gives me joy, peace, it is bright, it stands out, it gives harmony to everything that surrounds it. It is clear and balanced.

This is my answer!

2- What is your favourite animal? Why?
Idem, the more characteristics you can think of to describe that favourite animal better. Explayate in all the reasons why you choose that animal. Be creative. Detail.

My animal is the cat, intelligent, perceptive, intuitive, agile, observant, sensitive. They are great companions without being burdensome, they are independent and unpredictable (they let themselves be touched or they flee terrified).

Walking by the street, I found my love!

3- What is your favourite form of water? River, sea, ocean, ice, gas, rain, haze, etc.?

Philosoph, relates, wrote a story, details, specifies, whatever it is that helps you to give the best answer to this rare question.

The ocean because I feel it infinite, I like to float on it, play with the waves, it is immeasurable, it is deep and surprising. Untouchable as the unconscious and warm as the womb.

Ready? Did you write everything? Ok, now prepare to discover the hidden meaning of these questions and answers. Then, reread your notes and be surprised!

Your favourite colour represents the truth about how you see yourself, how you see your own personality.

The animal represents your ideal partner, that is, everything you want your life companion to be. Did you choose a dog? And yes, who does not want a faithful, affectionate, cheerful, energetic and friendly lover?

The shape of the water represents the truth about your perception of your own sexuality and your attitude toward sex. And since sex is the source of life, in correlation this response speaks of your attitude towards life itself.

Analyze each answer you gave, ask if that is the colour you want to be, you know that changing depends on you, this can be a starting point to know where you want to go.

In relation to your ideal companion, if you have any of those characteristics, good! You can make another exercise about this topic, Attract the partner of your dream.It’s just a matter of cultivating them in you because we attract what we are.

And finally, reflect on your attitude towards sex and life …

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