Learn with your menstrual cycle

Never more clear that Sexual Identity is a choice. Here, I will talk about what is imposed by nature, biological sex.

Being born with a uterus, ovaries and vagina implies having a menstrual cycle, and that leads to feelings, regrets, joys and slumps. Which often control us or surprise us, and in general it can unbalance us.

This can be changed, the norm is that the cycle is fluid and painless, like when the moon rotates and rotates around the earth, no problem!

I was one of those who suffered from the cycle until ” we became friends”. I owe the honour to Miranda Gray with her “Red Moon”. A jewel of literature.

“Know your menstrual cycle”

This is the title of one of the chapters in which she encourages “understanding the energies of your cycle” by doing a diary for three months ( or you can be”modern” and use the app!). Yes, three months, since this way you will have “reasonable representation of your cycle”, as an average, a general idea of how you are through the different phases.

It seems overwhelming to plan such a project but it is an incredible self-discovery for the rest of your life, and in practice, it only takes a few minutes per day to complete it.🙌

“The information does not have to be very extensive, but it must include some specific information, such as:

  • Date
  • Day of the cycle. The day you bleed will be number one in the cycle; If you do not know what day you are on, continue with the rest of the notes until you start menstruating again.
  • Moon phase. Draw a small symbol to specify if it is a full moon, new, increasing or waning.
  • Dreams. If you can remember your dreams, write down the basic information, the theme or any intense image of them. You may remember it as soon as you open your eyes and then vanish if so try to have a notebook next to the bed or relive the dream in detail and fix the idea that you want to remember.
  • Feelings. Try to take note of the feelings you experience during the day. Do you feel happy, cheerful, sociable, withdrawn from the world, intuitive, at peace?
  • Sociability and dress. Do you feel that you are attracted to certain activities or ways of dressing?
  • Analyze your sexuality: do you feel sensual, affectionate, spiritual, creative, erotic, wild, demanding, lustful, aggressive, empty? The important thing is to try to identify your sexual energy and the forms it takes, regardless of whether you maintain sexual relations or not.
  • Health. Indicate if you suffer any pain or menstrual discomfort, if you have “cravings” for certain foods and if you feel that you are stressed.
  • Special features of the day. Some external event related to the work climate, love, family, etc.”


Now it is the task of analysis and synthesis, Miranda recommends the use of the Lunar Diagram to compare the discoveries of each month and summarize them. She made an app, to make it easy!

Why is all this useful?🧐

  • Monthly/menstrual organization: plan social events for post-menstruation, spiritual retreats during the phase that you feel more intuitive, avoid exhausting tasks on days that you usually feel super tired, a loving encounter on days that are more sensual and erotic, etc.
  • Fertility: knowing your ovulation moment is key to avoid or cause pregnancy. It’s amazing if you pay attention you can feel it!
  • Self-knowledge: patterns that repeat themselves, understand why there are moments of the month that you are more tolerant and open and others that want to drown in the armchair and eat a lot of chocolate. The key is that you can anticipate it!
  • It works like this, you reflect “Wow, today I do not tolerate anyone”, you check the calendar and you know that you are premen and you relax, you are not crazy (a little maybe!)

You are cyclical! You…

My life took a total turn before and after reading and practisin this book, that’s why I’m excited to share it. I hope you enjoy the trip to the depths of your being.

You want to express gratitude? Invite me to dinner!

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