What is Hatha Yoga?

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Yoga means union or setting into unison. Yoga is, therefore, a method for achieving a resonance between the superior, beneficial aspects of the Universe and the corresponding levels within the individual human being. In other words the Universe is the Macrocosm, and the being of the practitioner is the Microcosm. Yoga is simply a catalyst for unison with beneficial energies. There are also energies of death, pain and destruction; consonance with them, however, is not Yoga!

Yoga involves a gradual expansion of consciousness from the finite toward the infinite. Through Yoga techniques the field of consciousness is greatly expanded and the capacity for superior perception is amplified and developed to the utmost.

All forms of Yoga start from two fundamental ideas:

1. The human being is a miniature copy of the Universe; and

2. The principle of resonance.


Yoga reveals that the human being, including all its physical and subtle-­‐ invisible structures, is a staunch copy of the Universe on a much smaller scale. So we can also call ourselves a microcosm (a small Universe); the Universe itself is a Macrocosm (or great Universe).

This idea can be traced through all genuine spiritual traditions; the Cabala (a.k.a. Kabbala/Qabbala) has the Law of Correspondence (“What is up is like what is down, and what is down is like what is up, to complete the miracle of the Whole.”). The Sufi tradition eloquently states, “Man is a small Universe, and the Universe is a great man”. Tantra concludes, “What is here (in the microcosm) is everywhere (in the Universe); what is not here, is found nowhere!”

Based on this perspective, we could say that through self-­‐knowledge on all levels of our inner being, we can achieve superior knowledge of the surrounding Reality.

In other words, as the ancient Greeks described it, “Know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe!”


Resonance is the fundamental secret of the entire practice of Yoga.

Through analysis we see that any form of Yoga or any Yoga technique is actually a very skilful method of placing the microcosm of the practitioner in resonance with one (or more) levels of energy from the Macrocosm.

The analogy with a radio works perfectly here. The Universe is like the central broadcasting station, while the person acts like a small emission-­‐reception radio.

Thus any cosmic energy emitted by a cosmic centre, galaxy or star, can be received on the corresponding wavelength or focus in the individual person, in rather the same way that a radio can be tuned to different frequencies.

We have within us the equivalent points of correspondence with these Macrocosmic energies, but until we become yogin-­‐s these points are latent or dormant.

Continuing our analogy with the radio, we could say that the tuning device in humans is the mind -­‐ our power of concentration.

Through concentration and certain other Yogic techniques, the human being can develop resonance and awaken his latent ability to resonate purposefully with any cosmic level of energy. This means that any Yoga technique practised without the appropriate focus of the mind becomes mere gymnastics.

As concentration requires focusing the mind on a precise area, we need to know exactly where to concentrate in order to attune with the required cosmic energy. This is still one of the best-­‐guarded and least known secrets in Yoga…Of course, I will not reveal it here! For that, you need to feel the call.

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