Suggested Resources


Louise Hay (You can heal your life )

Jean Shinoda Bolen ( Archetypal psychology of women )

Alana Mesino (Spanish) Terapeuta. Astróloga de potenciación. Sanadora.

Karla McLaren ( Emotions and Empathy)

Miranda Gray ( Menstrual Cycle)

Dr. Gary Chapman ( Languages of love)

Prem Baba ( Spirituality and psychology )

Dr. David Hawking ( Letting go, the path of surrendering )

Eckhart Tolle ( Spiritual teacher )

Alejandro Jodorowsky ( Psychomagic and psychoshamanism )

Gregg Braden ( Consciousness literature )

Dr. Joe Dispenza ( Neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics )

Michael Dunn ( Hatha yoga and non-dual Shaiva Tantra )

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (New German Medicine-Biodecodification)


Vipassana Meditation ( Art of living )

Tibetan Exercises


The Foundations of New German Medicine ( paid)


The Rise of Dhamma ( Vipassana Meditation )


Inner Worlds, Outer Worls

Period. End of sentence

Feminists: What Were They Thinking?

Goddess Remembered, The burning times, and the Full Moon, Donna Read.

Quilts in Women’s Lives (1981)

Judy Chicago, The birth project

The science of miracles ( Spanish subtitles ).

Do you have any favorite author or documentary that you want to share here? Please contact me! I would be very happy to learn from new inspiring people around the world. Thank you in advance.