Women´s Circle Online

We will do activities such as: council sharing (one person talking at a time while the rest listening) and rituals, exercises, reading poems, prayer, singing, dancing or meditations.

You will be empowered to embrace your feminine qualities as part of spiritual practice.

You will explore a deeper connection with other women and practice learning from each other.

It includes theory, exercises, activities and small rituals that support the embodiment of the feminine nature and spirit.

Women have been gathering in a circle since forever, the main purpose was/is to celebrate and explore our relationship to the sacred and honour the feminine energy in ourselves.

We will explore , different topics, from rituals, creativity as a practice, our spiritual forefathers, glorious food, new paths to power, menstrual cycle and its gifts, money, sexuality, death and dying, reconnecting to the rhythms of the earth, natural world, relationships and healthy communication, our mothers, giving birth, beauty to practice surrendering.

There are some “circle basics” that could help to understand more what it is this about…

  • Council sharing (“there should be no interruptions while a person is talking”).
  • Listening without an agenda (“it is irrelevant whether or not you agree or disagree with what it is said. What matters is that you listen carefully and accept what is being said as her reality”).
  • Rotating leadership (every meeting is guided by a different woman*)
  • Confidentiality (“the degree of individual growth that occurs in a group is contingent upon how much intimacy develops. In turn, that intimacy depends on trust. Precludes indulgence in any kind of gossip”.)
  • Taking responsibility for One´s own needs (“members ask for what they need rather than expecting the group to know and respond appropriately in all situations.)
  • Self- Reflection (“step back and observe themselves”).
  • Focus on spiritual development (“the overall intention of any women´s circle is to focus on and foster the members ‘spiritual development, the conscious connection to what makes us alive –to ourselves, one another and the Divine”.
  • Commitment (we decide how long will last, weeks, months, etc.)

I hope that you felt excited during the reading and may join a circle.

Once again, I share what has helped to heal and love myself
“Tantric Sexuality for women” is a Program that will help you to meet and embody your inner Goddess, your female energy, Shakti.

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